Over several years a number of our regular PPC shooters regularly travelled to Marysville Washington to compete in PPC matches held by Marysville rod & Gun club under the auspices of the Washington State Police Pistol Association (WSPPA).  Due to Covid-19 these matches were shut down from March until June of this year, at which time these matches were reactivated.  Due to the closure of the border, and the high number of positive test results in Washington state, our members have not been able/or willing to cross the border to participate.

After discussions with the executives of the Marysville club and WSPPA it has been approved for our club to hold virtual competitions on the same or close dates, to the matches held in Marysville, and our scores included with the scores from the shooters in Marysville.  These matches will be held on the third Saturday, or a close date, each month. Please check the club calendar for dates and times.

We have added an additional CPCA registered match to be held on Sunday September 6th. We have scheduled a short day of training on October2nd. Our last CPCA registered match will be held on Sunday October 4th, in preparation for the Canadian National PPC Championships being held in Victoria October 8-10 which is also Thanksgiving weekend.

This will be followed by our regular practice/training match November 1st and our Christmas turkey/fun match on December 6th, completing our 2020 shooting season.

Keep healthy and safe on and off the range.
Bob Stoddart / Russell Sorsdahl