Well, November has certainly kicked us to the ground. As I’m sure everyone has heard, the club is under water. Dan and Audrey are fine, but will likely evacuate soon if the water levels don’t start to drop. The ranges are completely submerged under close to 2m of water. All the buildings are full of water, the seacans, the new bathrooms etc. The mountain filled the sediment pond Saturday night/Sunday morning and then the slough backed up and the water coming down the mountain drained onto our property.

We will rebuild, and be better than ever before, however, we will be closed for a significant period of time I expect. Outdoor ranges will open as soon as we can get them to, but there will be a lot of heavy equipment required before that will happen. Then we will start working on electrical and structural stuff. Power will likely be completely disconnected before we allow anyone on site.

So, please bear with us as we weather this storm, the club will be back, as soon as we can.