Thank you for all who came out to the AGM on Thursday evening!

It was great to see some new faces and long time members attending. Below are some of the highlights from the night.

The following members were elected into new positions:

  • President: Rob Engh
  • Vice-President: Ray Boulton
  • Secretary: Emily Duquette

The rest of the Executive Positions were filled by acclimation of the member in the current position:

  • Treasurer: Ian Baird
  • Membership: Jack Marissen
  • Public Relations: Geoff Fraser
  • Rentals: Rob Engh

Newly elected to the Board as 2 year Directors for the years 2019-2021 are:

  • Ken Cropley
  • Erik Jensen
  • Bob Lalonde
  • Jessica Maclowich
  • Mark Porter
  • Shalane Talkes
Please note that our first combined meeting will be held on April 4th in the Clubhouse starting at 7:30pm. All Directors as required to be there!

Outgoing President’s Report for 2018-2019

This year was a very exciting year to be a member of AFGC! As usual we have experienced tremendous growth. We have seen many projects and renovations completed.

Some highlights were:

  • Our steel range 5 was finished and fenced off,
  • Our welcoming rocks were places and painted with our club logo,
  • Heaters were installed on our ranges. Our walk ways were paved,
  • New restrooms were purchased and installed in our range 4 parking lots,
  • New power was brought into range 4 and 5 primarily for our new restrooms,
  • Finally, our new range 2 expansion was completed and range 2B was commissioned.

These are just a few highlights that were done to improve your experience at the range. 

I would like to mention, our range has never looked so good and up to date. This is all in part of the leadership of our caretakers Dan and Audrey. Their commitment, hard work and diligence do not get taken for granted and does not go unnoticed. These two are more than just caretakers. They had been our clubs pillars of strength and voice of reason. 

Our sub clubs are still continuing to grow leaps and bounds. This year at our monthly Board of Directors meeting I am happy to say we were close to 100% involvement from all our sub club groups. Thank you very much Sub Club directors. Your dedication and hard work is paying off. Your reports of involvement and growth were encouraging and exciting. Our sub clubs are really putting this club on the map. I would like to briefly mention IPSC, archery and PPC. All these clubs all won awards of both the provincial and national stage. 

Our open house and game dinner were both a tremendous success. Thank you again to all the volunteers who put in their time to make these events happen. 

In closing I would like to thank the members of AFGC and BOD for intrusting me with the role of President. It has been my honor to serve as your leader. This marked my 6th year as President. By far this was my most exciting term. I will always be passionate about are club and look forward to serving in a supporting role with the new BOD. 

Thank you to all for attending our AGM and look forward to seeing you on the range. Shoot straight. 

Mark Porter 
AFGC President

Budget Highlights

Here are some things to note from the approved budget:

Membership increase of $10 for all memberships across the board. This is to account for the rising cost of utilities and insurance rates and additional coverage added to the plan for members. A short-list of coverages will be posted to the website once it is received from the Insurer.

Membership cap increase of 500 new memberships. With the completion of so many projects over the last year including Range 2B and Range 5, the BOD approved an increase of 500 additional memberships over the course of 2019. This will be a gradual increase and monitored on an ongoing basis to not overwhelm the ranges with new members.

Allocation of funds to support community contributions. We are going to be ramping up our support for various groups who are raising awareness and working on enhancing our fish and wildlife populations.

Proposed Clubhouse improvements. We continue to try and resolve our challenges with the City of Abbotsford with regards to the expansion of the Clubhouse. We are hopeful by complying with their latest requirements that they will finally issue a Building Permit.

Scholarship fund. With a successful inaugural year for the scholarship fund, we will be continuing to support members and their families with post-secondary eduction scholarships. Applications are now being accepted. Visit our Scholarship Fund page.

Some of the proposed special expenditures for the year:

  • Completion of lighting and heating upgrades for Ranges 3 & 4,
  • Trap expansion, new equipment and houses,
  • Range 5 shed cover,
  • Additional steel targets,
  • Driveway and paving improvements. 

Finally we are continuing with our due diligence on the new property expansion, but have come to realize that we need a larger group of people involved in this project. If you are interested in volunteering your time and have property development experience, real estate expertise or bureaucracy knowledge, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to our Range Expansion Committee at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to any one of the Director’s at our Club. We are here to represent you and make AFGC the best Club it can be!