After a slower summer, the numbers have picked up for the Monday evening drop in shoots. We are seeing continued family interest, with kids six years old and up as well as adult shooters. We do ask the parents to stay 1:1 with the younger kids (under 10 or 12) until we have a better feel for how they do on the range. .22 Rifle is a good entry into the shooting sports, and a good family activity. Our four Rascal Rifles are great for the younger kids.

Our Shooting classes started again in October, and run for six weeks. We take the kids through the basics of safety, bench shooting, prone, kneeling, standing, mental management and competition basics. We’d like to see some of our shooters start to enter the local and provincial competitions coming up.

This summer, 2 of our shooters returned from the North American Indigenous Games with three metals each. A total of six metals! Currently, we have five NCCP trained instructors who are active with the group.

Our next set of classes will start in January. 

There will be no club shooting on the Statutory Holiday Mondays: Remembrance Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day.

Curt Smecher
.22 Club