The PPC sub-club held what we hope will be the last monthly CPCA match at the PoCo club range for this year with the reopening of the Abbotsford ranges.  The match was held on April 3rd with cold and heavy rain the standard for weather.

The PPC sub-club would like the express our gratitude to the executive and members of the PoCo club for making their range available to us while repairs were made to our range after the flood.  It is very much appreciated and shows how the shooting communities come together when catastrophe strikes.

With our ranges now open again, we look forward to holding our May match here in Abbotsford on first Sunday of the month and slide into our normal schedule for the rest of the year.

Even though our monthly matches the first Sunday of the month through to November are CPCA approved matches, you don’t have to be a CPCA member to come out and shoot along with us now at Abbotsford. If members are interested in shooting along with us you can contact me by email for any further information on times and courses of fire information as well as the protocols for our discipline.

It is good to be home again.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.

Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director