It’s nice to see the club re open. A huge shout out to the Caretakers and BOD for all their hard work and dedication that was put in to rebuild our facility.

Last night April 6th with the help of Dan we were able to get the outdoor Archery range laid out. Our target butts are on order. We asked for a rush delivery.  But they’re coming from the US, so hopefully we’ll see them sooner than later. In the short term we set up a few 3d animals and some block targets. So the range is now shootable. If members want, they are more than welcome to bring a bag target from home. Just remember to take home what you brought to the range.

It is very Important not to move any of the targets or target stands which are in place.  They are positioned that way for a specific reason. The yardages are as follows. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 65.

As of now the 3d trail will remain closed. Once it drys up a bit up there, we will be repairing and laying out some new trails and shot stations.  

Our next outdoor 3d shoot will be in July. Dates are on the club calendar. 

I have appointed Ken Cropley as 2nd chair of the Archery club. Ken’s dedication and passion, not only our club but our sport is a great addition to our leadership team.

As for myself, the surgeon told me I could try shooting towards the end of June. It’s been a rough battle with this new shoulder and upper arm. But it’s getting stronger each day.

Shoot Straight 

Mark Porter 
Sagittarius Archers