So far it’s been a busy summer for our archery club and shooters. We have been seeing consistent growth within our club. We are still seeing at least 5 new shooters each Wednesday night. Our 3D trail is in awesome shape. Likely the best layout we’ve seen in years. A big thank you to Jeff & Cassandra Maron for putting in the time on the course. 

Our Fraser Valley Blacktail shoot was a success. Numbers were down due to holiday season and the forest fire up country. It was still an awesome time had by all. As usual the Saturday night party was the highlight. 

Please keep in mind that the 3D archery range is for Sagittarius Archers members ONLY. A non member (guest) must be signed in c/w drop in fee. Also be on alert for black bears on the 3D course. There has been lots of reports of spottings and encounters both on our trail and the Abby grind. It is recommended to carry bear spray. Do not try to get close to these bears. One is a sow with 4 cubs. She won’t be too happy if you get between her and her babies. 

Cheers & Shoot Straight 
Mark Porter