April was a busy month for Sagittarius. We started the month with our Chad Davis Memorial shoot. Likely one of our busiest shoots in a few years. We saw 155 shooters the Saturday and just over 100 on Sunday. 

The following weekend we shot Ridgedale’s spring bear shoot.

Last weekend a large group of Sagittarius Archers traveled to Kamloops for the Badlands 3d shoot. This venue has to be one of the largest venues in BC.

In all 3 events we saw our shooters excel on the podium. Curtis Meyers (3x), Madison Porter (3x), Wyatt Meyers (3x), Peter Goertz (3x), Rick Stahl (2x), Mark Morrison (3x), Jeff Maron (2x), Cassandra Maron (2x), Will Dueck (3x), Darrell Hamilton (3x), Atticus Brummitt (1) Ken Cropley (1), Jason Tryon (1).

This is likely the strongest  showing of podium winners, and they’re all AFGC!!

Wednesday nights have been very busy. Reminder the 3d trails are for Sagittarius Archers only.

2024 Sagittarius membership are now available on Wednesday nights. $30 for regular and $35 for a family.

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Mark Porter

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