Overall a great day on the range!

6 shooters attended this advanced practice where all the skills gained over the last couple of years were used.

ATS SUV was brought in together with a couple of plywood walls and blue barrel covers.

We simulated leaving an ambushed vehicle under the fire, advancing towards the enemy to save VIPs and escort them to safety providing the cover fire.

25 and 53LB kettlebells were used as VIPs.

Our day started with setup, bluegun training, safety and med plan overview and life fire at 10am.

We had a slow start working on new routines, and by lunch time were able to advance to comfortable speed.

Each team consisted of three shooters had to use at least one pistol, one shotgun and one carbine.

Not a surprise we had a number of people signing up for ATS email list at the end of the day!

A reminder for the upcoming Veritac courses for this year:

  • SFTP3 July 24 and 25th
  • DSTO October 22nd-24th

Claude Murdoch and Igor Radvan
ATS Directors