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ATS June 2021 Update

Overall a great day on the range! 6 shooters attended this advanced practice where all the skills gained over the last couple of years were used. ATS SUV was brought in together with a couple of plywood walls and blue barrel covers. We simulated leaving an ambushed vehicle under the fire, advancing towards the enemy to save [...]

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May ATS Report

"If it ain't raining, it ain't training..."   ATS byline... Luckily enough, we had a bit of everything on the 25th, with some light rain and even some sun showing up in the afternoon! Four shooters on the line, running a combined practice day, with some basic drills, positionals and shooting on the move. All [...]

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ATS Report April 2021

A true ATS Day today with rainfall and wind blowing wind all directions! We combined Sunday’s practice with AM and PM starting at the same time. Five people showed up for the practice from 9AM to 1PM. Due to the mixed crowd, the group practiced basics, from positional shooting, to turns, to shooting on the move. [...]

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ATS Update March 2021

This past 28 February was a great ATS day overall and the weather was perfect even though rain was in the forecast! Four people for the advance morning shoot and four people for the afternoon general practice. Started morning with a"bluegun" training practicing "breaking contact", aussi peel and the advancing under the fire and retreat [...]

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ATS Update Feb 2021

January 24th wasn't exactly a busy ATS day. Three shooters for the AM advanced drills practiced shooting on the move while advancing-retreating and covering the team. Two for the PM regular ATS portion. Practiced positional shooting with pistol and the shotgun literally until we ran out of ammo. A note for the future ATS, if you [...]

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ATS Report January 2021

While the December 27th ATS was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a number of advanced ATS members were able to meet unofficially, for a two hour, socially distanced and masked, AM shoot, utilising the 6 active bays on Range 3. The pandemic guidelines certainly reinforce the ‘maintain your tactical spacing’ when executing [...]

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ATS Update December 2020

In lue of a postponed EWO course, ATS offered an abbreviated pistol only shoot on November 7th using Range 1. Great turn-out, 8 advanced shooters practicing accuracy, shooting on the move, behind cover and advance/retreat using Aussie Peel. November 23rd DSTO Veratec course. 10 shooters on the line mostly returning from SFTP3 also hosted by ATS. Great [...]

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ATS Update, November 2020

Although officially ATS was cancelled for the month of October, we had a blast hosting Veritac's SFTP3! Great weekend overall. 12 shooters on the line with probably half the team from ATS personnel. Due to the attandies' level, Abbotsford was able to add a vehicle to the training on Sunday afternoon (Not bragging but the same [...]

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ATS Report October 2020

Please find below the September ATS report- a huge shout out to Igor, for an exceptional day of training, given his bum knee, and all.. 4 shooters joined our Advanced morning shoot. Practice started with Bluegun training at 8:30 and ran until 10AM. We went life at 10AM and practiced 2, 3 and 4 men retreat and OZZY Peel [...]

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AFG-ATS Reminder, for 27 Sept 20

This weekends shoot is on. The morning is the advanced shoot only,of those qualified to run blue gun drills (Veritac alumni of the SFTP-3 or DSTO course, or other preapproved equivalent training), 0830- 1000hrs, followed by 2 hours of live fire advanced drills, wrapping up at 1200 hrs. The regular ATS day will run post [...]

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ATS Report September 2020

August 23rd ATS: 6 shooters participated in the morning Advanced Shoot. Started at 8:30 to 10AM with bluegun training going live at 10AM. Practiced straight retreat with long guns and transitioned to peel left and right. Finished around noon practicing Left and Right movement from cover to cover. I believe 3 more shooters joined [...]

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