///ATS Reminder, for 25 Feb – we are a ‘go’

ATS Reminder, for 25 Feb – we are a ‘go’

All, we are still a “go”, for tomorrow.

Please RSVP, if you plan on attending.
Standard round count, 250 rnds per platform (birdshot for the shotguns).

For the Veritac Alumni, if I get 2+ response from you, we will do some bluegun drills from 0830 to 0930, with some potential live fire at the end of the regular ATS day (probably 1400-1500, +/-), though the ‘range snow’ makes this unlikely…. Note, if you are not there for the AM bluegun, you won’t shoot the live fire- no exceptions.

Claude Murdoch

Director – Abbotsford Tactical Shooters

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