A true ATS Day today with rainfall and wind blowing wind all directions!

We combined Sunday’s practice with AM and PM starting at the same time.

Five people showed up for the practice from 9AM to 1PM.

Due to the mixed crowd, the group practiced basics, from positional shooting, to turns, to shooting on the move.

All three platforms were used, from shotgun, to semi-auto long rifles and finished up with the pistol run.

The April ATS practice date is Sunday, 25 April 2021.

Based on the AFG’s BoD’s interpretation of the latest provincial guidance for dealing with SARS-CoV-2, participation will be limited to 6 individuals, for both the AM and PM sessions, pending updates to the PHO dictates.

This is based on a first come, first reserved, RSVP.

The morning is the advanced shoot only,of those qualified to run blue gun drills (Veritac alumni of the SFTP-3 or DSTO course, or other preapproved equivalent training), 0830- 1000hrs, followed by 2 hours of live fire advanced drills, wrapping up at 1200 hrs. The regular ATS day will run post 1200 hrs, duration TBD, based on number and skill level of participants, or continue the advanced drills, if the appropriate number of individuals respond.

Range 3, $20 drop in fee. 

Practice will revolve around non prohib carbines/semi auto rifles and handguns, for the primary, as well as shotguns; Igor will adjust the practice profile accordingly. 300 to 500 rounds per platform; birdshot for the shotguns.

A reminder for the upcoming Veritac courses for this year:

  • SFTP2 May 1 and 2nd
  • SFTP3 July 24 and 25th
  • DSTO October 22nd-24th


Claude Murdoch and Igor Radvan
ATS Directors