The last CQB shoot for the season was a great success. The 46 shooters had a great time on the line, and fortunately the weather cooperated quite the change, from this time last year!

Sunday’s ATS day was attended by 9 shooters. The blue gun drills continue to be well received, and it certainly makes for a long day on the line. Shotgun drills were covered in the AM- something we haven’t practiced a lot of over the end part of the season.

December’s ATS day is still on, Sunday 23 December, range 3. 0830-1030 blue gun drills & 30 minute live fire, post 1000, for Veritac Alumni, followed by the regular ATS group day. 250 rounds for each platform, pistol/ carbine/ shotgun (bird shot), $10 drop in fee.


Claude Murdoch
ATS Director