April’s ATS saw a group of 7 shooters out. The AM ‘bluegun prework’ is proving its worth, as the shooters are really getting a chance to practice a perishable skill set.

This month’s regular ATS shoot has been superseded by a paid training event, instructed by Veritac Solutions.

The first CQB shoot of the season, saw 53 shooters out, and, in addition to the regular door prizes, we were able to aard the seaons first “Shouda bought a Norinco” patch, for a crapped out ‘high end’ AR.

Next shoot is June 16th – actionrifleleague@gmail.com, to register, and for more information.

ATS will be hosting two weekend courses, from Veritac Solutions; one being a multi weapon operations  – combined carbine/pistol course, and the other a dismounted and small teams tactics course– working around vehicles, and small team operations (the multi weapons course, or equivalent, being a prerequisite). A four hour medical component on the Friday night is a component of both courses.

Dates: MWO- 18-20 May; DSTO- 25-27 May.

For those looking for a June roadtrip to Calgary, a ShivWorks alumni is hosting an Immediate Action Jiujitsu/Pugilism, instructed by ShivWorks guru Chris Burch, June 23/24th. Contact ATS for more information, if you’re interested in attending.

Claude Murdoch
Director – Abbotsford Tactical Shooters