August 23rd ATS:

  • 6 shooters participated in the morning Advanced Shoot.
  • Started at 8:30 to 10AM with bluegun training going live at 10AM.
  • Practiced straight retreat with long guns and transitioned to peel left and right.
  • Finished around noon practicing Left and Right movement from cover to cover.
  • I believe 3 more shooters joined our afternoon training.
  • We started from (your favorite 🙂 positional shotgun shooting with side reloading and transitioned to pistol practice.
  • Started from positional shooting to see at what level new shooters were and switched to shooting on the move.
  • Overall a great day out and I’m glad even most of the morning guys stayed to “shotgun” torture :).

August 29 SFTP2:

  • 12 shooters with at least five or six joining from the SFTP1 course.
  • Started warming up from stationary pistol shooting to refresh and address any issues and questions shooters may have to correct misses, stands, and handling.
  • As a result of having a good team, Taylor added movements as early as Saturday afternoon.
  • This of course resulted in a bit of cluster at the start but team was able to quickly address common issues and move on to the more advanced technics.
  • Covered basics on Sunday morning and picked up where we left off at the end of Saturday.
  • As the team was able to pick up new things fairly quick, Taylor was able to even introduce some of the SFTP3 parts at the end of the day.
  • Unfortunately time flew by very fast and although we were supposed to be completely done by 4PM, we called a ceasefire only at 4:15 🙂 .
  • Overall great course, definitely a lot of different aspects compared to the riffle course we had. 

Looking forward to the SFTP3 course to see what other new things we can learn from it!
The Veritac training progress’s well, resulting in increased ATS participants, and an expanding participant base, for the monthly shoots.

Training and practice methodologies continue to evolve, impacted by both he Flu/social media combo, as well as the asinine Order in Council.