In lue of a postponed EWO course, ATS offered an abbreviated pistol only shoot on November 7th using Range 1.

Great turn-out, 8 advanced shooters practicing accuracy, shooting on the move, behind cover and advance/retreat using Aussie Peel.

November 23rd DSTO Veratec course.

10 shooters on the line mostly returning from SFTP3 also hosted by ATS.

Great course, by far the most advanced course we’ve hosted from Veritac due to the experience level of the participants:

  • VIP escort using box and diamond formations.
  • VIP escort to and from the vehicle using orthodox and unorthodox methods
  • Providing cover fire around and underneath the vehicle
  • VIP transfer from damaged vehicle under fire
  • VIP retrieval under fire using multiple covers.

We have scheduled four more Veritac courses for next year:

  • SFTP1 March 6 and 7
  • SFTP2 May 1 and 2nd
  • SFTP3 July 24 and 25th
  • DSTO September 25 and 26th

Details will follow!

Next ATS is on for December 27th. This is going to be a half day, advanced team only (details to follow, and pending instructor availability..), as Igor will still be recovering from the knee surgery; I may be able to make it over for the day, depending on my treatment and the vagaries of the China Flu bureaucrats..


Claude Murdoch/ Igor Radvan