January 24th wasn’t exactly a busy ATS day.

Three shooters for the AM advanced drills practiced shooting on the move while advancing-retreating and covering the team.

Two for the PM regular ATS portion. Practiced positional shooting with pistol and the shotgun literally until we ran out of ammo.

A note for the future ATS, if you are planning to use one or two platforms, you will need more than 250 rounds!

A reminder for the upcoming Veritac courses for this year:

  • SFTP1 March 6 and 7
  • SFTP2 May 1 and 2nd
  • SFTP3 July 24 and 25th
  • DSTO September 25 and 25th

Details will follow!

Note that under the current  COVID and OiC provisions we’re operating under, please ensure your platform round count s 500 rnds/ platform, moving forward. With reduced course practice loading, round expenditure has increased.

As a side note, I will be doing my best to supervise the 28 Feb practice, as this may be my last opportunity to ensure proper drills are executed, in the manner required, to ensure continued unit effectiveness. DF’ers unite….you have nothing to fear but your own incompetence…

Until such time as the unelected AhJ’s have there power revoked, or their rules change, we’ll be operating under the ‘first 4’ rule, as dictated by Sport BC.

Regards all, and stay strong.
Claude Murdoch and Igor Radvan
ATS Directors