Local Rivers:

Fraser River: tidal and non-tidal – is still closed to all fishing except Sturgeon. There is still no word on any openings as fisheries is waiting for the official salmon migration numbers! Rumours are that it is being considered to open for Chinook angling in late August for the whites. In other words – No Chinook this season!!

Chilliwack/Vedder: Open for 1 Chinook/day retention limit. There are a lot of Sockeye in the system now, so please release them as gently as possible as there is no Sockeye retention. The Trout are plentiful and aggressive – use worms,shrimp, single eggs or small spinners and you will limit out! 4 hatchery Trout/day, remember the river is busy with anglers, distancing is difficult!!

Finally Indigenous people have been given the green light to fish with 8 1/4” nets. The only fish that can be caught would be a 20lb plus! 4 nets per license till the end of August.

Chehalis/Harrison: Both are dismal right now so if you go fishing distancing will be easy.

Local Lakes: are still producing lots of Kokanee and Rainbow Trout, but they are deep now. Use full sinking lines or spoons, changing up to small spinners then you should try worms, single eggs, grasshoppers and krill.

Interior Lakes: are slowing with the hot weather. Chrionomids are still producing but you will have to lengthen your leaders. Try Gomphes, Dragons, Caddis, Damsels, Halfbacks – and remember that size is critical!! Fish safe and socially distant!

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Darien Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina