The PPC Club will hold its monthly CPCA approved match on August 7th and looking forward to some good shooting weather.

Some of our shooters also participate in CPCA registered matches at the Port Coquitlam District Hunting and Fishing club during each month.

Several of our shooters attended the Canadian National PPC Championships in July and represented our club very well with several medal positions.

Our PPC shooters are starting their preparations to attend the Vancouver Island PPC championships over the Thanksgiving weekend in October.

Shooters from Abbotsford F&G, as well as those from other clubs are welcome to participate in our monthly matches. Although our monthly matches for the rest of the year, with the exception of December which is our Christmas turkey shoot, are CPCA registered matches, everyone is welcome to come and shoot alongside of those submitting their scores to CPCA for classification.

On behalf of the PPC sub-club we wish everyone an active and enjoyable participation in their respective disciplines.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.
Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director