There were 120 guest passes used from March 31 to April 21.

We sent in 1,788 lbs of brass for recycling.

Range 2 and 3 had the berms redressed.

We have been busy with a few other things as well:

  • Co-ordinating Range 2 work
  • Fixed Range 5 plate rack
  • Changed out faulty Blue Strobe on Range 3
  • Applied silicone in R4 Bathrooms
  • Touched up paint on Range1 wall (shot mark)
  • Gathered up Blue Barrels and arranged for removal
  • Installed new TB Holders in Range1 Washrooms
  • Washed tables in Range one after Archery Shoot
  • Took Side by Side in for Maintenance
  • Purchased supplies for AGM
  • Set up for AGM
  • Put up Ledger board in Range 1
  • Sent renewal info to Jack on cheques that came in
  • Leveled range 5
  • Did an Archery only orientation
  • Ask Keystone to start process for sediment pond cleaning this summer

As well as our regular routine,
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner