July was a hot one and we are not through it yet. The water from the spigots along the path is drinkable.
We are having issues with the toilet not being flushed all the way, thus filling the holding tank, overflowing and flooding the washroom. Please make an effort to make sure that the water does not continue to run when you are leaving.

A sink in the front seacan washrooms has been cracked by something heavy. Please take care when you are using the facilities.

To those members who are using Range 5, Only paint the targets after you are finished shooting and again use care when doing so. The spray cans and handles will only take so much abuse

191 passes were used from July 1 to 27.

The roll up door installation process has been proceeding.

Please check the web site for closures as August  is expected to be a busy month for work on the ranges.

We hope everyone is having a great summer.
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner