Report from the other side!

Well, what can we say!!!!!

From the 1 to the 13 we accomplished a few things.

  • From Oct 31 to Nov 13 there were 114 guest passes used.
  • We finished painting the new guest fee cabinets.
  • Put a new light up in the clubhouse staircase.
  • Moved mounts around in the boardroom to accommodate the deer mounts that were displace.
  • Serviced the lawn mower to put away for the winter
  • Changed a card reader on Range 2B which had quite working

Then the water came in on the afternoon on the 14th. The 15th water was rising but the outside world was still accessible. At some point on the 15th we had a landslide of the stream on Range 2. This filled the back of range 2 from the berm to the back of the range to the foot bridge. The 16th we were completely flooded until late afternoon when the canal berm broke and sucked all the water off of the property, it also took half of the bridge on Lakemount road, leaving us cut off.

The berm has been repaired and we are again flooded though not as deep as the 16th. There was a second land slide on the 29th adding a considerable amount of material to the abundant amount already there. We now have a lovely waterfall at the back of range 2.

Other than that we have pretty much been sitting on our hands waiting for the rain to stop and the water to go away.

We thank everyone for their concern for us, help and offers of help.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner