January was a busy month.

We prepared the site for the new washroom in the  clubhouse parking lot.

The washroom has been delivered and we have it up and running.

The port-a-potties have been clean and stored.

The 22 Club safe was delivered and place in Range 1.

Some final tweaking has been done on the make-up air unit in range 1.

We have done some work in the parking lot at the clubhouse in preparation for some new bollards, which should be arriving in early February.

We took down the Christmas light and stored them.

There were 216 guest passes used from Dec 31 to Jan 28.

Passes are good for only the one day you visit. Please make sure that you are filling in your guest pass envelopes. If you are on the range with a pass and no envelope is in the box you will be asked to leave and the member will be receiving a request to come to a board meeting to explain.

Other than that we kept busy with our regular duties.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner