We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

The ranges were steady but not overly crowded over the Christmas break, with the exception of Dec 28 and 29 both days were quite busy. There were 336 guests from Nov 26 to Dec 29.

We put up sign regarding mandatory masks and for the most part our members were understand and complied. We thank you.

We use archery Sunday to releveled range 5 for better drainage.

The bobcat and side-by-side have had a full servicing.

1448 lbs brass was sent in for recycling in December. The total brass recycled in 2020 was 8172 lbs.

We have ordered the new heaters for the archery range. We should have them in early January.

New larger carts have been purchased and put out.

Repaired one of the heaters on range 2.

We filled the rest of our time with our normal routine.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner