While the December 27th ATS was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a number of advanced ATS members were able to meet unofficially, for a two hour, socially distanced and masked, AM shoot, utilising the 6 active bays on Range 3. The pandemic guidelines certainly reinforce the ‘maintain your tactical spacing’ when executing basic, individual firearm drills.

As a reminder, we have the followings courses/dates secured for the 2021:

  • SFTP1 March 6 and 7
  • SFTP2 May 1 and 2nd
  • SFTP3 July 24 and 25th
  • DSTO September 25 and 26th

Note that participation in the SFTP2 plus level courses requires the preceding level, as a course requirement. This is a graduated learning process, structured to take shooters to an advanced level of skill.

January’s shoot is TBD, as the month progresses.


Claude Murdoch and Igor Radvan
ATS Directors