The new office has been delivered and we are working on getting the electronics up and operation.

We helped with setting up for the June 16th AGM

We are slowing going through what is left in range 1 to get it cleared out.

We cleaned upstairs and set up tables and chairs for corrections

The new AED’s arrived and have been installed on the ranges.

We had the door on the seacan washroom repaired, please insure that the door closes after you use these washrooms.

We have replaced some carts with new blue ones.

1014 lbs of brass was recycled.

162 Guest passes were used from May 25 to June 26.
Please remember to return your guest passes at the end of your visit, we recycle them.

National Range Days ran on June 4 & 5, there were 10 guests

As well as staying busy with our normal routine.

Thank you and have a safe summer

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner