We are not unhappy to see February end. It has been an event filled month.

At the first of the month we lost power for about 12 hrs, causing the new washroom to freeze up, leading to a 5 day closure for us to get it thawed and operational, luckily with minimum repairs required.

We have had sever winds in February leading to range closure, damage to one of the bathroom doors, and numerous other issues.

We helped get things ready for the game dinner.

We also saw a snow storm that filled the ranges and sidewalks with snow that was hip deep in place, again causing a closure to get it moved out. On a high note the bobcat was a great asset.

February 11 construction started, to separating Range 2 into two ranges and finished on February 27. Creating Range 2B.

The new brass bins arrived and have been installed on Range 5 and Range 2 & 2B.

The old baseboard heaters have been removed from the trap house.

All the heaters on range 2 & 2B have been adjusted for better heat coverage while seated at a table.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner