We’ve had a busy month at AFGC.  As you can see range 2B is complete. What an amazing job!  I would like to personally say thank you to Dan and Audrey for leading up this project and to all the supported this endeavor. I am so extremely excited with this completion. This means we as members get range 2 back! Thank you members of AFGC for you patients during this construction phase.  

With our new year just around the corner let’s start gearing up our sub clubs with some fresh ideas to keep our members and guests excited about our clubs shooting sports. Understanding we do still have a large wait list for members, let’s be creative and make room for the public to enjoy our drop in events. Remember for some this is the only way they can be involved with our club.
Please remember that March 21st marks our AGM. Please come out with support. This year our election process involved electing a new president, vice president and secretary. Your vote is important.  If you have more then 5 years in good standing as a active member with the club and have a non bias passion for our shooting sports please visit our nomination app on the club website and let your name stand. See you there!
Shoot Straight,
Mark Porter