We seem to have a few members that do not think it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves. SHAME ON YOU, this is disrespectful to the other members who do such a great job of picking up after they are done.

Met with Joe re: Work Safe BC

Washed the clubhouse mats.  Had the septic tank pumped out.

Removed & replace bridge deck behind range 3, then hauled away and disposed of the debris.

Cleaned up brush around range 5 and made a spot for ATS car, changed bolts on steel targets and added braided line to pull rope

We had to fix a couple of the drop table. Someone broke off a handle and another was slammed up so hard it bent the bracket. (Everyone try to be kind to them and they will last a long time)

As well as our normal routine

  • Open for rentals
  • Backers are changes out weekly or as needed.
  • Bathrooms are checked every day and cleaned up
  • Brass bins are being emptied twice a week or more
  • Garbage’s and ranges are cleaned every night or more if needed.
  • Clean boardroom weekly.
  • Clean decontamination mats as required
  • Wash range 1 floor as needed
  • Mowing/snow removal as required

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner