April was a pretty quiet month club business wise. A lot of house cleaning was done. The club grounds look amazing! Please be mindful while using the range. Please do your part and clean up after yourself. I had the opportunity to visit three different ranges in April. I am proud to say no range comes even close to looking as good as ours! 

Membership has been extremely busy. I huge thank you to Jack and his team for doing such an amazing job! Just the inquiries I received alone would have been enough for me to pull my hair out. AFGC is still one of the most sought after gun clubs to be a part of. The amount of emails I receive from people that want to join AFGC is incredible. This is a perfect opportunity for our sub clubs to shine. Drop in nights across the board should be ready for an influx of new comers. 

For all our new members, WELCOME and please attend our monthly board / club general meetings. This is where you can get plugged into the right sub club that best suites you. 

Shoot Straight, 

Mark Porter 
President – AFGC