//Caretakers Report October 2017

Caretakers Report October 2017

First, thank you to everyone who helped at the Workbee Sept 30.  They built 500 backers, weeded and groomed the ranges.

The Side-by-Side Ranger has arrived all shiny and new (for now).

The stair nosing was scrubbed and cleaned.

We put up a larger Canada flag and move both flags to the large pole.

On a heavy rain, water came in under the door on the east side of Range 1.  We squigged it out and will try to fix the problem.

Replaced Range 4 heater and all are now working on timers and the additional breaker needed have been installed on all ranges. The faucet in the ladies room has been replaced. Both the replacement heater and faucet came in at less cost than quoted.

The stove is now operational and the fire suppression system has been updated.

The lights are finished and operational on the archery range. They still need to be properly aimed. They should be done next month.

The Range 1 roof is now repaired as well as Range 4 roof.

We are establishing a routine:

  • Backers are changes out weekly or as needed,
  • Bathrooms are checked every day and cleaned up,
  • Brass bins are being emptied twice a week or more,
  • Garbage’s and ranges are cleaned every night or more if needed,
  • Clean boardroom weekly.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner
AFGC Caretakers

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