Welcome to Fall everyone.

We are having an uptick in the amount of members not wearing eye protection while on the range. NOT bringing eye protection is like not bringing your gun. You will not be shooting. For those who bring some but don’t put them on or keep them on, you need to do better.

With the start of hunting season, range 2 is very busy. With us being at half capacity, please check to see if people are waiting, if they are, the COVID 2 hour rule will apply. Thus far we have not had any long waits for members that we are aware of.

We recycled 349 guest passes from September 1 to 25.

The weather station has been installed and is up and running. We installed markers in the creek to monitor how rain events are affecting it.

The sediment pond has been cleaned out and range 2 berm has been redressed.

The wall has been place to separate the new parking from the Archery range.

As well as our normal daily and weekly tasks.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner