Please find below the September ATS report- a huge shout out to Igor, for an exceptional day of training, given his bum knee, and all..
4 shooters joined our Advanced morning shoot.
Practice started with Bluegun training at 8:30 and ran until 10AM.
We went life at 10AM and practiced 2, 3 and 4 men retreat and OZZY Peel using both long guns and pistols.
Finished around noon practicing Left and Right movement from cover to cover.

6 shooters participated in our afternoon training.
Started from positional shotgun shooting with side reloading and moved to turns and walks.
At 1:30PM, switched to positional pistol shooting with turns, walks and shotting on the move at the end of the day.
Overall a great day out with nothing but the sunshine in the afternoon.

Just a reminder, we won’t have October ATS as Veritac’s SFTP3 course is taking place on this weekend.
The course is full at this time with 12 shooters.
This is a Pre-Qualification course for the upcoming DSTO, running 20–22 November. Pre-qualification for participation in the DSTO course is mandatory, no exceptions.

Dismounted Small Team Operations:

18 hours 

This course assumes core competencies in SFTP (or equivalent LE / MIL / other agency training) and covers advanced techniques for small teams operating in a dismounted role within austere or non-permissive environments. Fundamentals will be drawn and built upon based on current special operation forces doctrine. This is a hybrid classroom + live fire skills rehearsal and confirmation where most of the 2.5 days will be spent running students through introduction to vehicles, seating arrangements (PPO, VIP, driver and shooters), and contact drills. Use of static vehicles as a base for exfil and cover may be expected. Review of Tactical Trauma including TQ application and wound packing will be demonstrated as well as applied (TBD based on physical distancing requirements). Low-light and no-light training may be required.

Claude Murdoch
ATS Director