With the start of hunting season, range 2 is very busy. If you are not using more than 50 meters please use one of the other ranges.

While we attempted a take a day off, one of our members aggressively flushed the toilet causing the toilet to continue running, thus causing a flood. We thank the member who found the flood and contacted us.

The result of the flood was that all the washrooms were closed for a week while it could be repaired. We ask that you take care when using the washrooms and if something happens don’t just walk away, please call us, so we can take care of it before it become a big issue.

We recycled 268 guest passes from August 30 to September 27.

Range 2 was closed for a few days, to facilitate work on the fresh air return.

Just to clarify, if you do not have an AFGC membership card you are not a member and must fill in a guest pass.

Stay safe and have a wonder full October.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner