With the start of hunting season, range 2 is very busy. If you are not using more than 50 meters please use one of the other ranges.

As we move into pumpkin season. Please remember if you are bringing them, pick them up and put them in the big garbage bins in the parking lots.

We recycled 375 guest passes from September 1 to 30.

New security system has been installed in Range 1 and will be monitored by ******.

Range 2 was closed for a few days so work on the sediment pond could be completed.

There were also a few closures to complete the Range 2 low viability area electrical work.

Maintenance has been completed on the gates.

As well as keeping busy with our regular cleaning and maintenance duties.

Over all it has been a very nice fall so far. Stay safe and have a wonder full October.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner