Another year has passed for us. August 1 was our Fourth anniversary.

We are keeping busy with our normal daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

August was another hot one and while we had a little rain the ground, the forest is parched. As per instructed by the BOD we took down the steel target on Range 2. This target is very heavy so we laid it down at the back of the range out of the way. It seems that some of our members figure that there must be no good reason for the target to be down, so they are setting it up themselves. Members, if something is removed there is always a reason. If you have a question, call us.

There was 1734 lbs of brass recycled.

Dan patched the roof of the IPSC, ATS & storage sea cans.

The new garden maintenance company has started.

There were 247 guest passes used from July 31 to Aug 25.

The new doors have been installed on Range 1, as well as the new swipe and security pin pad for Range 1.

Thank you
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner