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PPC Report March 2020

Our regular monthly PPC practice/training match was held on March 1 with 11 shooters attending. We welcome back two of our female shooters who have been absent for a couple of years with maternity leave and injury rehabilitation. We all continue our preparation for the competition season with matches scheduled in Canada and the United [...]

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22 Club Report March 2020

Attendance at drop in sessions has been very good. We have lots of new shooters of all ages and abilities.  Our Beginners Rifle Course has continued to have strong attendance. The kids are developing well in their shooting abilities.  We will be hosting a Provincial Camp at the end of the month in preparation [...]

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Archery Report March 2020

Archery has been very busy on Wednesday nights seeing new Shooters each Wednesday. We have lots of newcomers wanting to join the club as an archery only member, April 1st. This is very encouraging. Our sport is growing at a very fast rate. This coming Sunday March 8th will be having a workbee at [...]

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Fishing Report March 2020

Local Rivers: Fraser River: tidal and non-tidal - Fraser River is still open to fishing for all salmonid species, trout and sturgeon. Angling for the trout is great right now, the cutthroat are plentiful and aggressive as are the white fish and bull trout. Fish for them with single eggs; worms or small roe [...]

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ATS Report March 2020

February’s ATS day saw the continuation of the new format. 6 shooters participated in the AM portion, and 7 shooters in the PM. ATS cadre will reassess this format after the April shoot, but it currently seems to be the way to roll. March’s ATS day is superseded by the hosting of the ShivWorks Edged Weapons [...]

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Multigun Report March 2020

February was a busy month for Multigun.  We had our first Saturday practice match that had over 40 shooters on ranges 2B, 3 and 4.  Lots of variety in skill levels attended, from first timers to some of the local speed shooters, and everyone had a great time.  It was very encouraging to see [...]

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22 Club Report February 2020

Drop in sessions and Rifle Classes are going well, despite the weather. Our Rifle Provincial Camp was exciting, in the middle of the flood, which extended to the Roads, Ranges and even inside into Range 1. All went well, and with Dan and Audrey’s help, everyone stayed dry. Curt Smecher .22 Club Chair [...]

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Multigun Report February 2020

Our first month of running Multigun has been busy! We have booked our practices and matches for the year and our first event, February 22 is SOLD OUT. We have been working on social media to expand our pool of potential shooters, and have seen our reach grow quickly. We have set up an email subscription list to keep people [...]

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Archery Report February 2020

We had a great turnout for our BC indoor 3d Championship. Fun had by all.  Both Haley Hamilton and Maddie Porter brought home women's gold in their categories. Wednesday drop in continue to be busy with first time shooters. We have a few of our Sagittarius archers attending the Vegas Indoor shoot this upcoming weekend. [...]

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ATS Report February 2020

January’s ATS day saw the roll out of the new format- well received, by most participants. 4 shooters participated in the AM portion, and 3 shooters in the PM. ATS cadre will reassess this format after the April shoot, but it currently seems to be the way to roll. Februarys shoot is Sunday the 23rd. The first [...]

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