Wild Sheep Society of BC Update

Abbotsford Fish & Game Club supporting Fraser River Test & Remove Project The Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia (WSSBC) has partnered with the Abbotsford Fish & Game Club (the Club) in support of the Fraser River Test and Remove Project. Through the Clubs contributions of over $57,500 since 2021, we have made a [...]

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Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance Update

The Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance (RMGA) is incredibly grateful for the contributions made by the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club (Abbotsford F&G). The $6,000 USD generously provided by Abbotsford F&G will be used to help cover partial costs of GPS tracking collars on mountain goats in the West Kootenays. The collars will play an [...]

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IPSC Club Report February 2024

There has been an uptick on the number of shooters coming out to practice on Sundays. It’s good to see people getting back into the sport after winter. AFGC IPSC Team Jerseys are being ordered to qualifying members and they should be ready for the start of the season. A special thanks to the following [...]

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Biathlon Update February 2024

This past weekend was our big tri-service Biathlon Zone competition at the Sherman Armouries in Richmond. 79 teens, coming from all 3 zones in the Lower Mainland, competed together in a Summer Biathlon style event. This race consisted of running 3 loops of 1.5km each, with bouts of 5 targets in between. They got [...]

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.22 Club Report for Feb 2024

We’re back! Welcome everyone to the .22 Club in 2024! It has been a bit of an ‘interesting’ month with the weather, but we were able to get in three of the four weeks. Last week saw three new shooters joining us with one showing an incredible amount of talent right off the bat. Some [...]

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Archery Report February 2024

January was a busy month for Sagittarius Archers. Drop ins have been very busy, seen new shooters each week. January also marked the 29th annual BC's Largest Indoor 3D Championship. This even was an amazing success. Numbers were down a bit due to weather.  We managed to see around 300 shooters. Lots of fun to [...]

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Multigun Report Feb 2024

We are still being princesses and not holding any events until the weather improves. I am hoping we will start our practice nights up in March or April as long as snow and heavy rains are gone by then. Erik Multigun

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February 2024 PPC Subclub Report

The PPC Sub-club will be holding our regular first Sunday of the month PPC match on range February 4th using range 3 as normal. Sundays match is a nationally sanctioned match with scores being submitted to CPCA and the World 1500 Associations for classification, as well at the Washington State Police Pistol Association. We look [...]

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FVRRC Feb 2024

The FVRRC has taken a break over the holiday season as well as the month of January but now we are ready to resume our bi-weekly events beginning in mid-February. We are excited to be back on range and will update our Facebook page with the date of our next event.

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ATS Update 2024 February

0900 setup, med plan and four fundamental rules! Back to the basics we went! Accuracy practice on paper adding turns and basic moves. All three platforms used during the practice adding positional shooting into the mix. What a great day it was going into "prone" position in the mud and puddles, testing all the gear [...]

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February 2024 Trap Report

The shoot on January 21 was canceled due to the snow cover and forecasted weather. Hopefully February brings better weather and the shoot on February 18 will go as planned. It will be one month delayed but we will be starting the 200 Bird Trophy again. For anyone unaware of the 200 Bird Trophy, your [...]

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