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IPSC Report August 2022

IPSC Practices Weekly practices on Thursday have been quite steady with the amount of people showing up. We are limiting it to 14 members. I have booked off Range 4 on Friday August 5th for IPSC as there were no objections made from the Board. This is to make up for the missed practice [...]

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ATS Update 2022 August

With the sun in the sky and four shooters on the line, we started this month's Sunday ATS with the set up, med plan and four fundamental rules! Accuracy practice with pistol on the paper at five meter line adding movements with transition between strong and support hands, and moving further away from the targets.Added [...]

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Multigun Report August 2022

Multigun held our monthly practice night on July 18th and had 12 shooters out to play. New shooters learned about sight over bore with no shoots targets and how important chokes are when shooting spinner targets. Next practice night is Monday August 15th at 6pm on range 4. Erik Multigun

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FVRRC August 2022 Update

The past month has had a few excellent range days and lots of interest surrounding our trap shooting events. I’d personally like to thank everyone who attended our last range event for making sure that Alex had such a great time and one that he certainly won’t forget anytime soon. This month we have [...]

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August 2022 PPC Sub Club Report

The PPC Club will hold its monthly CPCA approved match on August 7th and looking forward to some good shooting weather. Some of our shooters also participate in CPCA registered matches at the Port Coquitlam District Hunting and Fishing club during each month. Several of our shooters attended the Canadian National PPC Championships in [...]

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Steel Challenge Report July 2022

Steel has been going great, we did our first longer distance stage of the year this past Tuesday. Utilizing range 3 we shot Outer Limits, the only SC stage with movement, and targets out to 105ft. Strangely we had a lower turnout that night, either the long weekend had people recuperating at home, or the [...]

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IPSC Subclub Report July 2022

I regret to inform the membership that I am resigning as the IPSC Sub Club director effective immediately. We will still be holding Practice Nights on Thursdays, with Geoff and Rob taking charge in the interim until a new Sub Club Director is elected. I have enjoyed my time as the IPSC Sub Club Director [...]

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Archery Report July 2022

Summer is here and the 3D targets are on the mountain! We are set to host our first 3D competition this upcoming weekend. A little nervous as our course layout has changed allot due to the November flood. But I know with our dedicated Sagittarius Archers and the countless hours of preparation, it will be a [...]

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July 2022 Multigun Report

On June 19th Multigun finally held our Fringe Minority match. Probably not my best decision to hold it on Father’s Day, as we had fewer shooters than we hoped for , but we did have 25 shooters out to play. We had 4 stages on ranges 2b, 3, 4 and 5. A big thank you [...]

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ATS Update 2022 July

This was a sunny and hot ATS day! Started at 9:30am setting up, med plan and four fundamental rules! Accuracy practice on paper adding basic movements with transition between strong and support sides. Added 9-hole VTAC wall to the mix and finished the day with the six-box drills. Upcoming courses this year: September 24-25, 2022 [...]

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