Membership Sticker Mailout

Attention Members, please note that if you renewed your membership on or before April 30th, your new membership sticker will be mailed out to you in June. Thank you for your patience and being a member of Abbotsford Fish and Game Club. Please note that even if you don't have a current sticker you [...]

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AGM Registration Notices

Attention Members, be sure to check your email for your invitation to our Virtual AGM.  You must be a Regular, Family, Life or Senior Member to participate in the meeting. Associate, Junior and Archery Only Members cannot vote during the AGM. Registration is mandatory. We look forward to your attendance.

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Public Health Order Update

Attention Members: In accordance with the Public Health Order and ViaSport, Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is still operating, and can safely do so because: we remain distanced, there is no contact, we have a robust COVID plan, and there is no travel outside of Fraser Health (per the PHO). Thank you for your [...]

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AFGC 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is proud to offer our 2020 Post Secondary Scholarship Funds to the following recipients to encourage academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education among the membership. 2 scholarships were awarded this year for first year applicants, and 3 students from previous years are continuing their education for scholarship amounts [...]

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COVID-19 Policy and Procedures Updates July 4th 2020

Attention Members,  After our latest Board Meeting, the BOD has approved updated COVID-19 Policies and Procedures starting July 4th, 2020. The changes are as follows: 1 bay per Membership is allowed. A Family Membership is considered 1 membership. Up to 3 Guests are allowed to accompany a Member (Membership). If social distancing on a [...]

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Membership Sticker Mailout

Membership stickers will be mailed out to all active members in August after we have processed all active memberships for the year. If you have already paid your fees, your membership card will be active at the club whether your sticker is current or not. Thank you for your patience in this matter. [...]

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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

The new Policies and Procedures are outlined below. Be sure to check the calendar before you arrive for normal range closures. All organized Subclub activities are cancelled until further notice. RULES UPDATED: December 5th, 2020 Policies and Procedures during COVID-19 All members MUST read and COMPLY TO the following updated [...]

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