Attention Members, please make note of the following updates to our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures in accordance with the latest Public Health Order and ViaSport.

As of Saturday, December 5th, 2020 the following policies and procedures have been added or updated:

  • All organized Subclub activities are now cancelled until further notice. Please contact your Subclub director for further information.

  • Social distancing of a minimum of 3 meters (9 feet) is now required between all people outside of your cohort.

  • Only people within your cohort (bubble) may shoot in the same bay.

  • Wearing masks is now mandatory at all times, in all areas of the property except while at the shooting line.

  • You are agreeing to abide by the latest rules, policies, procedures and health declaration by swiping your card to enter the range or property.

  • Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in immediate suspension of your membership privileges until all public health orders have been lifted.

Thank you for your understanding. Please revisit the AFGC COVID-19 Policies and Procedures here.