Due to limited visibility on Range 2 while downrange, a Limited Visibility Zone Safety Feature in now in use. This feature must be used by all members to access the 100m/yd. lines.

Range 2 Limited Visibility Zone Instructions

In order to operate the Safety Feature, please follow the steps below:


After the range has been deemed safe by the Acting Range Officer, you may proceed downrange. When you pass through the Limited Visibility Zone posts, the RANGE HOLD feature will automatically activate and the BLUE PILOT LIGHT on the post will start flashing. This indicates that the Range is now locked in the GREEN/SAFE mode. You may now continue over the bridge to access your targets at the 100m/yd. lines. The range cannot be changed back to RED/HOT until you return.


Upon exiting the Limited Visibility Zone the last person must press the ZONE CLEAR BUTTON located on the white post. This will activate the first of a two-part confirmation and the BLUE PILOT LIGHT will go from flashing to solid indicating that the zone has been cleared.


All members must now proceed uprange back to the firing line. The range will continue to be locked for a minimum of 40 seconds to ensure that everyone has enough time to return.


Once the last person has cleared the firing line they must press the FIELD CLEAR BUTTON located on the center of the back wall of the shooting shed. The BLUE PILOT LIGHT will go out to indicate that the hold feature is released.


When all members are ready, the range can now be changed back to RED/HOT in accordance with the Range Rules.

AFGC Range Map
AFGC Range 2 LVZ