City of Abbotsford Long Term Flood Mitigation Plan

In November 2021, Abbotsford experienced one of Canada’s largest flooding disasters when the Nooksack River overflowed and breached its dyke and floodwater headed straight to Abbotsford, flooding Sumas Prairie. Recovery work is underway and more information can be found on the City of Abbotsford website(External link). The City of Abbotsford is working with engineering [...]

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Women’s Day at the Range – Mission Rod and Gun Club

Join Mission Rod and Gun Club for a unique, fun-filled day at the range where women introduce women to a variety of shooting sports in a safe, supportive environment. Bring a Friend! Bring a Neighbour! Bring Your Daughter, Niece or Granddaughter! Special guest, Tracey Wilson of CCFR.

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Restoration Update December 2021

Here is a quick update on what’s happening at the club. While performing the remediation of the Clubhouse, the lobby tested positive for asbestos in the drywall and some lead in the tile in the bathrooms. That means the remediation will need to take that into account with negative airflows, showers, clean rooms etc. Rob [...]

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Pitt Meadows Gun Club – Invitation to AFGC

Attention AFGC Members, On behalf of the Board and members of Pitt Meadows Gun Club, we would like to extend our invitation to you and your membership to come join us to shoot trap. We have relaxed our $10 day card to members of AFGC. A round of trap is $7, or a book of [...]

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TMSA Extends Support to AFGC Members

Another sign of our great community of shooters coming together, Thompson Mountain Sportsmen Association is extending their support to AFGC. As part of your recovery and after discussing it with the Board of Directors, TMSA would like to offer AFGC active members access to our club at a reduced rate and with some conditions [...]

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PCDHFC Relaxing Members Only Requirement for AFGC Members

In a wonderful show of support from our partner club, Port Coquitlam & District Hunting & Fishing Club has announced they will be extending the use of their facilities to all Members of AFGC. Please read the information below. Until further notice, PCDHFC is relaxing our members only requirement for members of Abbotsford Fish [...]

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