Local Rivers:

Local Rivers opened November 3rd and Trout November 16th.

Fraser River: Still very good for Cutthroat, white fish and Bull trout. WAter levels have dropped now that the November heavy rains have subsided. Due to Fred Helmers demonstration a few weeks ago the Fraser is open to Salmon fishing! Retention jigs and roe are your best baits accompanied by spin & glows. There is very good sturgeon angling as the salmon are still migrating. Use eel and salmon parts (bellies and hearts). 2 Coho/2 Chum/ daily limit.

Chilliwack/Vedder: 4 daily limit – 1 Chum/daily limit. Coho are still coming up strong and fresh, use roe and blue jigs tipped with shrimp.

Harrison/Chehalis: Has really taken off now as the water flow is up and settled (low turbidity) Chum and Coho are plentiful as well the Blackheads are appearing in great numbers with each tide change. 4 Salmon/daily, limit 4 hatchery Coho with 2 Chum/daily limit. For the Coho blue jigs and fresh roe are the ticket same for the Harrison.

Nicomen/Dewdney: 4 Hatchery Coho/daily limit and 2 Chum/daily for a total of 4 Salmonids limit daily.

Local Lakes:

Still ‘fair’ fishing in the East and West Harrison

Interior Lakes:

Are now done for the season as ice fishing is now just beginning.

Stay Safe and Cheers to a Socially Distanced Christmas Season and New Years!!

Chair – Loren Sherbina
Co-Chairs – Darien Francis, Elaine Ridout-Sherbina