The PPC Sub-Club held its last CPCA registered PPC match of 2021 on November 5th with 9 shooters.

As I think everyone is aware of the flooding of the range as a result of the initial atmospheric river and the subsequent closing of the range and that the Port Coquitlam District Hunting and Fishing Club has graciously made their ranges available to members and sub clubs from Abbotsford F&G.

We have coordinated with the Poco club and have been able to reserve their range 3 for our Christmas turkey/fun shoot to be held on December 5th.  We were also able to reserve their range 3 for the first Sunday of each month from January through to October 2022, with the exception of June which is reserved for the 3rd Sunday.  It is hoped that our ranges will be operational by that time and some of these dates will not be needed.  Our matches at Poco will also be open to participation by any Poco club members and we look forward to shoot along with them.

Although I have not had an opportunity to gain access to our range in order to inspect the contents of the PPC container and expect that the water will have affected all of our contents, primarily our stock of targets, backers and spare backer materials.  I also expect that most of our metal items will have suffered rust damage.  I would also like to thank the Poco club for offering to sell us targets at their cost for our usage while using their range and until we can receive more from the printer, once a container is suitable for storage at our range.

As a result of the flood, some of our regular shooters are still stranded at home just like Dan & Audrey, and we all look forward to getting back to our own facilities.

Keep safe and healthy.
Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director