To say that the last month sucked for the Fraser Valley would be a gross understatement, and unfortunately the club was not given any mercy by mother nature. November began great with our very first pumpkin shoot, followed by the insane flooding prior to the second scheduled range day of the month. The flooding of the AFGC property led to the second range day of the month being cancelled for obvious reasons. Due to the awful events leaving the area crippled and inaccessible to nearly everyone, all future FVRRC events must be cancelled until further notice. I apologize for having to give sad news however this remains a faultless act, and repairs cannot even begin until the water level lowers and a transport route is reestablished.  

The FVRRC would like to thank all the volunteers, first responders and the Canadian Armed Forces for their magnificent work during the flood relief efforts, and extend our sympathies to those displaced and impacted by water levels.  

-Morgan Jensen