Local Rivers:

Fraser River: Tidal & Non Tidal: still producing Rainbow trout, Bull trout, White fish and Sturgeon. The Sturgeon angling is very active now as the water has dropped and turbidity is low, combined with not much salmonid remains for them to scavenge. Catch and release only, single barbless rules apply! There is talk of shutting down the fishing, for Sturgeon, from the mouth of the Harrison Lake to Prince George – no explanations given by the DFO yet! For now use salmon parts (hearts and gills are great) pike minnow roe bags and dew worms.

Chilliwack/Vedder: Please to tell you that it is in full swing, reports of hatchery fish being taken through out the system. With the river being this low, use smaller baits: roe sacks, ghost shrimp, gooey bobs, 8mm beads, pink rubber worms and Colorado blades are a great change up.

Chehalis: reporting lots of fish above and below the hatchery. Use smaller baits and trim your spool short. Use bugs, deli shrimp, krill bags and cookies – always a favourite on the little water shed. Also lots of Bull trout feeding on fry and salmon eggs.

Local Lakes:

With the warm and wet winter climate this season there are still lots of Rainbows and Cutthroat, use light gear with single eggs and krill.

Interior Lakes:

Lots of safe ice everywhere now! But, I am having no luck finding information from any other clubs or sporting goods outlets!! But Sheraton, Helmer, Princeton and Merritt lakes lodges claiming good action now.

Stay socially distant and enjoy the outdoors!!

Chair – Loren Sherbina
Co-Chairs – Darien Francis, Elaine Ridout-Sherbina