Local Rivers:

Fraser River: Tidal and Non-tidal – Sturgeon fishing starting to pick up again with the spring’s warmth! The river is extremely low making the flow faster – May be tough to anchor. Best baits are fresh pike minnows; lamprey eels roe and oolichons.

The Fraser is excellent for trout right now- use single eggs; dew worms; krill and roe.

Chilliwack/Vedder: From top to bottom the river is drastically low! Early morning tactics will work best. Keep your shadow off the water and be quiet! Best baits are single egg’s; ghost shrimp and roe. Keep your choices small even in heavy water – which is where they are sitting.

Chehalis/Harrison: Lower than expected water levels but not impossible to fill your kreal! Use single eggs and deli shrimp.

Local lakes:

Local lakes are still producing trout and will get even better after freshet. Cultus Lake is giving up large bull trout. Troll minnow patterns and use bait. If you catch a Bass – Do Not Release back into the lake, call 1-604-586-4000!

Interior lakes:

Morgan and Six Mile are ice free now but still some ice up high. Use real baits – worms; roe; shrimp and krill.

Reminder to renew your licences and tags so you will stay out of court and keep your privileges!

Reminder: Jim Thorpe and I are planning a fly-tying class for the spring depending on membership interest. Please call and let me know me if you are interested in attending!

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina