Fraser River: – (non-tidal) still great sturgeon fishing! The river has dropped considerably, watch for depth changes as they occur without warning! Catch and Release only! Use pike minnows, oolichons, lamprey eels and salmon parts. Some anglers are using earth worms!

Vedder/Chilliwack: Is open for retention of ; 4 hatchery Trout, 4 Chinook – 1 over 62cm. Anglers hooking Springs throughout the system now – with the river being so low and clear you need to keep back from the banks, don’t let your shadow be over the casting plane – as the light becomes brighter! Look for water with cover, shade and/or white water. Best baits are salmon roe; bright flies; jigs and spoons!

Chehalis: Very low making fishing for summer run Steelhead and Chinook very difficult. Be stealthy and you will fill your creel! 1 Steelhead/day limit – 4 Chinook: 1 over 62cm – Best baits are small roe sacks or single eggs; worms; crickets and small spinners and spoons.

Harrison River: Still producing Cuttroat and Bull Trout. Chinook are scooting straight through!

Capilano River: Is hot for Coho. (Expo Ernie fish) Use buzz bombs in both salt and fresh water portions. 2 fish per day limit!

Seymour River: Closed to angling!!

Squamish and Mamquam Rivers: Very low and fast conditions. Beware of Grizzlies!


Sasquatch Park Lakes still giving up Cutthroat Rainbows and Bull Trout. Spoons and spinners as well as baits such as worms and deli shrimp preferred baits. (Hicks, Deer, Harrison west, Grace,Wolf,Weaver, Francis, Eel, Wood, Look-out and Sunrise)

Jones Lake has dropped considerably! Rainbows and Cutthroat are deeper with lots of snags!

Cultus Lake: still giving up Pike minnow, Rainbows and Bull Trout. Troll slow and stay deep.

Kawkawa Lake: has slowed right down. Early morning tactics with krill will still produce fish. 38’ and deeper is best. Use krill and shrimp as bait.


Are still producing fish until the sun heats up the water! Angle first light and last hours of the evening. Chrionomids, leeches, blood worm and shrimp patterns are still preferred. But don’t forget your natural baits: crickets, mealworms, deli shrimp and salmon eggs still and always a best bet!

Have a great summer and be water wise!

See you at the open house August 11th 2018.

Chair:Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina