Chilliwack/Vedder Rivers: River is now closed. Reopenes July 1 for Chinook salmon and hatchery Rainbow trout. 

Chehalis River: Opened June 1 for Chinook salmon – 1 per day 

Harrison River: Water high but still somewhat cutthroat and Sturgeon fishing happening. 

Interior Lakes: Fishing is well with warmer weather. All lakes to 5000ft are ice free. Leeches, mayflies, and shrimp are best choices. 

Local Lakes: East and West Harrison lakes still producing catches of Rainbow and Cutthroat trout. Jones lake also fishing well for Rainbow, Cutthroat, Kokanee, and Crayfish. Kawkawa lake at Hope is starting to produce Kokanee 12-16” on the bottom or trolling at 20-30ft. 

Fraser: Right in the freshet currently. Closed to salmon fishing. Some sturgeon fishing but some area closures. 

AFGC Fishing Subclub
Chair: Loren Sherbina 
Co-Chair: Darien Francis, Elaine Ridout-Sherbina