After a couple years of delays, the IPSC Handgun World Shoot was finally held in Pattaya, Thailand this past month from November 26th – December 3rd. We had quite a few Canadian, as well as BC members travel abroad to compete despite all of the new import/export regulations that our government is putting upon us Canadian sport shooters.

Comments from attendees talked about how well-run and supported the match was from local businesses and even the government. This is a great example of how thousands of like-minded people from around the world can get together in a shooting sport and support one another in a safe and enjoyable event!

Congratulations to all the Canadian IPSC shooters!

Check out the video below of Rob forgetting how to climb stairs on a stage. He’s ok, and this turns out to be the most viral video of the match.

Canadian results are below. BC competitors are in green.

Open (342 shooters)

Place Name Category PF Percentage
32 Hesse, Tom   Major 87.28
35 Laurenson, Cory   Major 86.68
56 Boisvert, Francis   Major 80.72
66 Cheng, Jeffrey   Major 79.69
103 Mackay, Wade Senior Major 74.02
193 Lam, Michael   Major 63.52
224 Palomera, Mauro Senior Major 59.34
285 Oh, Richard Senior Major 49.01
292 Ting, Marc Frederick   Major 47.04
298 Deeley, Dawne Elizabeth Lady Major 45.97

Standard (238 shooters)

Place Name Category PF Percentage
82 Mikkelson, Tyler   Major 63.61
158 Cui, Yong   Major 49.54
202 Mowers, David S. Senior Major 39.20
211 Coppola, Claudio Senior Major 37.46

Production (358 shooters)

Place Name Category PF Percentage
16 Berdat, Alexandre   Minor 86.42
73 Burdek, Tyler   Minor 71.19
101 Engh, Robert Trygve Senior Minor 67.37
148 De Bernardi, Stephane   Minor 60.62
183 Yip, Kam Sing Senior Minor 56.79
187 Cote, Simon   Minor 56.36
242 Mahoney, Lise Lady Minor 49.80
251 Fisher, Amanda Lady Minor 48.70
283 McMillan, Trisca Lady Minor 42.46
317 Tianfang, Yu   Minor 33.85
320 Wong, Kenneth Senior Minor 31.71
329 Wang, Wanbo Junior Minor 26.63
DQ Hedden, Jay Senior Minor 0.00

Classic (130 shooters)

Place Name Category PF Percentage
74 Chen, Kai   Minor 66.93
85 Korobkin, Anatoli S. Senior Minor 64.07
98 Hansen, Sean Senior Minor 59.89
119 Wu, Bo   Minor 49.46

Production Optics (215 shooters)

Place Name Category PF Percentage
51 Mate, Joshua   Minor 77.85
85 Yu, Samuel   Minor 73.57
166 Jacinto, Carmelo Senior Minor 58.07
175 Mahoney, Michael Senior Minor 56.01