Sunday afternoon IPSC practice has been very busy over the last month. I plan to continue with indoor practices until the end of March. If the weather improves enough in April we will move to Range 4 on Thursdays again.

Please note there will be no practice on the following dates:

  • Sunday, March 24th
  • Sunday, March 31st
  • Thursday April 4th

Depending on the weather we may still be indoor on April 7th or outdoor on April 11th. We’ll have to see how the weather will be in early April.

The rubber shroud for the indoor steel target was successfully tested this past month and it seems to be working really well. We did notice some marks on the ceiling of the indoor, but we are pretty sure they were from something else as they did not get worse as the practice progressed.

AFGC IPSC Team Jerseys are in production and expected to be ready by the end of the month.

Geoff Fraser
IPSC Subclub Director